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Webcam Simulator is an application that creates a virtual webcam
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Webcam Simulator is an application that creates a virtual webcam. Instead of playing the video from a webcam, it can play any video files that you load on it. In the most basic terms, Webcam Simulator creates a hardware device that looks like a webcam to Windows and IM applications, but, in fact, it just plays a video file. You can load any number of files onto the application, and you can have it play them all sequentially or play a video in a loop continuously.

When you first add a video, a video preview window will pop up showing your it. If there is a sound, it will also be played and transmitted as if it were coming from a webcam. The application's main window has control buttons for the video, and you can stop, pause, resume, or rewind the video at any time. This "simulated" webcam can be used in most programs that support webcam input, like instant messengers and video chat programs. More than a single program can access the feed simultaneously.

The trial version adds a watermark to your video, so you should be aware of that before you try to trick somebody.

The application is very easy to use. In Windows XP, the installation was a breeze. All in all, the application looks well-built, except for some graphics in the menus.

José Fernández
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  • It works with IM programs and Flash-based video chats
  • Easy to use


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