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Webcam Simulator 7.999

Webcam Simulator is a software that simulates a webcam

Webcam Simulator is a program developed by the company of the same name. Although this is not their only application, it is the flagship of their organization. Webcam Simulator does exactly what it implies - if you do not have a webcam in your system, this tool will add a webcam driver, a virtual webcam that can use any video file on your computer in order to provide the receiving end with images.

The application is very well structured - you get your playlist, where you can add video files and preview them, and the basic configuration options. As simple as that. It can be used basically in any application that supports webcams. When configuring your virtual camera, you can switch between a physical webcam (if you do have one) and Webcam Simulator, so you can easily mix images with both pre-recorded and live video.

The program is free to try, though the free version includes a nag text on the feed window. There are no noticeable flaws in the software, and it runs in a very stable way. WebCam Simulator is a great program and it is highly recommendable.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Works with many applications
  • Easy to switch between webcams
  • Easy to use


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